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Can’t handle large files, don’t expect a refund

Program purports to be fast. Try opening a 100mb file, and then entering a few characters in the middle of it. Glacial, beach ball sadness. Now try that in Sublime, or UltraEdit. No problem. Refund request said “not eligible”, YMMV. iOS app has been great, but this isn’t desktop grade.


Verilogを編集できるエディタはemacs, vimの他はあまりなく,GUIなAppを求めていた自分にはお手頃でした. 機能としてはHTML系で,Verilog,VHDLはカラーリングのみ対応しているが,十分である. カスタマイズができるようなので,試してみたい. 試用版が本家サイトにありますね. I ‘m looking for editor for verilog, and find this app. very good. however, please add more powerful function for verirog. ex.:comment out shortcut.

Better than TextEdit but author is not predictable

I was going to use this as quick nice text editor but author is trying to make something else out of it. There is big chance that next version is going to be paid upgrade very soon, and current abandoned just like IOS versions for iPad and iPhone. Not worth paying for when there is free option like TextWrangler, better to invest in to already robust good editors like Sublime Text, Coda or BBEdit. I don’t trust developer anymore.

Awesome Release

Textastic has been an indispensable part of my daily routine for a few years now. The Open Quickly feature in this release now makes it even more dispensable. Keep up the great work!

Request answered!

Great developer! Printing capability instantly puts this above Sublime Text as a student when often code needs to be turned in (either in pdf or paper). This is a great text editor witha clean interface and syntax coloring. The ability to modify files directly from services such as iCloud Drive or Google Drive is also extremely useful. Highly recommend

Solid as a rock, but one annoyance

Textastic is a great text editor. It really does better than Sublime in my opinion, though it’s usually for text washing and not deep syntax. One grinding thing though; when you open the app, it doesn’t open to a blank window… drives me bonkers. It would be a nice setting change / option. In the meantime, I’ve actually done some work in Syntra Small, but Textastic is definitely still King of the Hill.

I consider this the best editor of ALL

I had a huge php project to complete in a short amount of time. So, I needed something fast & reliable. This did the job. Searching across multiple folders/files is a breeze, emmet commands built in, code formatting that doesn’t break functionality, and everything works so smooth and intuitave. I just love the fresh feeling Textastic gives me on projects big or small. There is no bloat whatsoever. Great application!!! Buy it - you will be happy.

Newest version meets my needs

I love plain text and Markdown. Textastic is the first editor that really meets my needs on both Mac and iPhone. I write a daily journal on icloud drive and can update it seamlessly whether on my iPhone or my Mac. And Textastics programming roots allow me to roll up my daily entries into an annual file that is too big for other iPhone text editors to handle. I especially like the collapsed heading view that allows me to get around in large files quickly.

Tremendously versatile text editor

I am really impressed by the many languages this text editor supports with text highlighting, etc. I also like the availability via iCloud to all my devices. While sitting at the car wash, I had an idea and only had my iPad with me - no problem. I opened the code that had stumped me, edited and compiled it when I got home. Really nice job, keep it up!

Totally impoverished editor

Except for an emmet mode, this editor does not seem to be any better than Mac OS built-in TextEdit. Other editors are much better such as TextMate or Sublime or TextWrangler or BBEdit. No column mode or multi cursors nor multi file search and replace nor particularly good regular expressions.

it needs improvement

1. when i try to search&replace string, it freezes up and then takes 100% cpu and over 1.4G physical memory. 2. it would be better if it can support reg expressions 3. i miss the preview function of the ios version otherwise it is a piece of good software and conenient for just code writting.

FTP Files will not be saved

Files open from FTP Program ( Transmit) will not be saved. Would be nice to fix this

Well done

Very good text editor, lightweight, fast. Good syntax highlighting

I’ve tried them all and...

Textastic is in my opinion the best code editor! The one to rule them all! I just wish it had a commandlinetool and an overview of the code on the right like Sublime has ;)

Needs frequent reinstallation

and is only available in english. Otherwise a good editor though.

A good start

Textastic has potential to be a wonderful text editor and at a reasonable price. It has quite a long way to go before becoming a serious contender and maybe a replacement for Textmate 2.0 but I look forwad to it doing so. Arguably the principle selling point of Textastic is iCloud support and a mature companion iPad app. One suggestion of mine would be to to change the icon; I never liked the iPad app icon and I dont like the mac app icon either!

Has potential. Great at what it does.

Textastic only has a few features, but those features work quite well. I look forward to a more feature-filled text editor, with tab-based file browsing (instead of each file opening in a separate window), and the ability to open an entire folder full of project files, with an in-app file browser (similar to other popular text editors.) If you want to open Textastic from the command line, edit the file: ~/.bash_profile add this line to the file: alias tt=open -a Textastic "$@" then to open the app, type this: tt To open a specific file in the command line, type this: tt filename.txt Keep up the good work!

Good editor with reactive developer

This is a nice editor and the developer is good about reacting to suggestions (theres a link in the help menu where you can do so.) I edit mostly C++ and Lua. The syntax hilighting is almost perfect. There are still a few minor missing things but as a 15 year user of Vim, Im liking the switch more than I have with any other editor so far. There is one minor bug in version 1.1. When you search for something (Command-F) then cancel the search bar with escape, focus does not return to the editor.

Needs work

Crashes when I tried to open multiple files, cant open folders, code completion leaves much to be desired, no tab completion… This is a very 1.0 product. It cant compare to alternatives like TextMate 2 and Chocolat. Promising, but needs work.

Perfect for me!

This is the editor I’ve been looking for. It has just the right features without feeling bloated. Hats off to the developer.

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